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The Lord mentioned fire all of 2019. Here is another one

January 2019: the Lord said "wild fire movement "

February 2019: "wild fire movement"

March 7, 2019:  The Lord said “Wild fire movement...The fire appears wild because it goes in all directions but it is under My control”.  Weeks later the Lord showed me the map of the United States with these  [🔥]  all over it!

October 5, 2019:  There will be no need to travel to a specific place for revival as the Holy Spirit will fall over many everywhere in an unprecedented way. The Body of Messiah must be ready in season and out of season to speak and do what the Lord is saying. The Lord will move in an accelerated way. It is time to repent and seek His face! “It is time, says the Lord, to be my witnesses locally and in the remotest parts of the world. Those who are dry will catch fire! Those who are conceited will burn!

Be holy as I Am Holy! I will defend my children! My justice is Holy! All will be exposed! My fire will light up what is hidden and will burn what is not of Me! I will move with or without you! Time to put childish things aside and embrace My power and holiness!”

4/1/20 - Apostle Johnson Suleiman the General Overseer of omega fire ministries worldwide, during the march Friday vigil revealed the truth behind covid-19 and the agenda of some of the world power to create a new order.

In a 5 mins message, the servant of God revealed what was going to happen and here is what he said.

“The Lord said I gave this world to man and as such I don’t do anything in the world until man invites me with understanding in the place of prayer.  
The nation in question (China) has sinned greatly against the Lord. They wanted to make thier own moon shine brighter than the natural moon. Their power tussle is between a particular nation and they want to bring that nation under their feet.

“Covid-19 is an experiment and they are happy that they could shake the world and they would wait for another two years.

In 2022 if I tarry to come, something worse will still come and it will originate from them.

“The world leaders are coming together to make a synergy that will make all religions have a common ground and the pope is part of it. America is thier target but the current president Donald Trump is their obstacle. America should not joke with the next general elections as they will all support the opponent.

“The opponent is not the issue but his running mate is the issue.

The running mate is a lady and If the opponent wins, the opponent will be impeached for the lady to take over and fulfill the new world order.

“Their agenda is to humiliate him (Trump).

They have succeeded in humiliating him while they are free from it but the prayer of the saints will reverse it and America will be healed.

The virus was manufactured by this people (China) it is not a biological issue, it is a chemical weapon.

“Many people contacted it through testing, once you go for the test you are infected. The few that are not positive is to balance the equation and make people believe it is real.

“The vaccine will come, but the vaccine will carry the actual disease. It is loaded with signals to control the human body by sending signals from the body to their data base, that would be the only proof to them that you are safe, virus free and you are not contaminated.

“When they tell you to take the vaccine and you refuse, you’ll be denied alot of things. Italy was sacrificed for this agenda because the pope is a part of this that is why we saw almost the largest cases in Italy it was not coincidence, it was a sacrifice.

“The policy of not having people gather together to reduce and contain the virus is targeted at disrupting the believers from gathering to pray because they know when believers gather together to pray thier plans and agenda will end up in futility we must not keep quiet as the prayers of the saints will stop them.

“All believers must lift up thier voice against the spirit of the new world order and scatter the agenda of the anti christ.

They will come up with a new currency to unify the world and solidify control.  Purify your body of any sin because they target your body.

“They have tried this and it has worked. By June to August different agenda to unify the world will begin. Kuwait, Malaysia, Egypt, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, America, needs special prayers.

“If the church can pray using Jeremiah 17:14, Matthew 17:14, the anti christ will not over come the church. If the church rise up in unity, purity and prayers then God will rise up and prove that he is still on the throne.



As I was with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

I will be with your President.

A fiery trial indeed says the Lord.

The time is nearing for the end of this Coronovirus.

It will end and My people will pick up the pieces.

A new normal. For things will not be business as usual.

The virus will end and I will loose a wave of My Glory upon the earth.

There will be love and forgiveness of others. Many lessons learned.

Your President will come out not smelling like smoke.

Though the fires of hell have tried to take your President out-

I would not allow it.

The prayers of the faithful, My Zechariah 2:5 family.

I am so very proud of you.

The fiery arrows of prayers have reached your Fathers ears.

I have heard your cries.

I have heard the prayers of My people. I will bring the rain.

The cloud the size of a mans fist is forming.

I will send the rain of abundance.

A rain of refreshing on My people I will Passover says the Lord.

I will passover your homes. I will passover your finances.

I will passover your families.

I will ignite in each of you a love for your fellow man that you have not known before.

I will resurrect My people who are called by My Name.

I will resurrect in this hour.

I have spoken says the Lord.

Word of the Lord through Sandy Nettler

This is what happened last night. I stayed up late reading the Word

and realized it was already midnight and time to go to bed.

As I laid my head upon a my pillow, I went into a vision and this is what I saw. President Trump was standing on a platform with his current team around him I heard really loud HAMANIZING and I saw a noose go around Dr. Fauci neck. Then I heard the prayers of the faithful availing much. There will be a predecessor lined up. They will take his place. Then I saw a man next to Trump who whispered in his ear as the President bent over to listen, and I saw EXPOSURE in big letters.

As this was happening I also saw a noose go over the blond lady on the platform (can't remember her name) and also a blindfold on her eyes.


​​There has been a castration of America. She has castrated herself. Her ability to reproduce and multiply has been cut off for a time and a season. She has sullied herself with the things of the world. Commerce, trade. She has traded with foreign nations that serve idol gods.

They were not in the best interests of My America. She was greedy and used foreign labor. Jobs were taken from My people and given to others.

She has served herself a banquet of lust, pornography, abortion. Every lust conceivable, food, sports, entertainment. She consumed for her own pleasure. My people have forgotten their loyalty to Me. They have forgotten their God who brought the abundance to this nation. They have forgotten that I am the God who brought them out of Egypt. Just as the children of Israel made a calf of gold, so My people have served their idols. A great shaking will continue in the days ahead.

My people must seek My face as never before, for My eyes are wandering to and fro in this hour. I am searching mens hearts. I am searching and testing mens hearts in this hour. Where is My remnant who are called by My Name? Where are My people? Where are those who are willing to lay down their lives for the gospel? Where are those who will speak the truth in love? Where are the soldiers that I will raise up in this hour? America, America how you have grieved My soul. You have grieved the heart of your Father who loves you so.

Stand up I say and walk in righteousness. Stand up I say and separate yourselves unto Me. They loved not their lives to the death. The early church clothed themselves in righteousness and the fear of the Lord. The fear of Me is coming back to My church. They will fear Me says the Lord. For I am coming back for a Bride without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. Prepare your hearts. Prepare your minds. Prepare yourselves I say. For I will pursue My Bride in this hour.

I will woo her and saturate her with My presence. I will pursue says the Lord and I will overtake her with a love she has not known before. Her love for Me will be worth dying for. She will separate herself as My Bride. A people called unto Me. My Son is awaiting expectantly. The

hour is late My children. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

Word of the Lord through Sandy Nettler


"Awaken you sons of Issachar, My righteous remnant! Know the season and arise to its calling. The enemy is not at hand, as if it is still coming to your gates.  The enemy is HERE. How will you respond?  The voice of the enemy has been loud and intimidating. It has mocked your authority in Me, and sought to silence you through fear from its evil decrees and prognostications. It has legislated evil and punished those, who would not comply. But in this hour, this enemy has its head up in a level of arrogance that I will no longer tolerate.  
Behold, My Enemy has said, 'I shall be sovereign over all the earth, and no one can thwart me. In my hand is the power of life and death. I declare what is my truth and no one can refute it. My servants, who do my bidding, are untouchable by the righteous. Their places are secure in me and in my power, for I have accepted their sacrifices of allegiance. The blood that has been poured out, to give dominion to my own, cannot be challenged, for in this hour the world is mine. It has fallen into my hands by the choice of human will.' 
But behold, I say to you, Beloved, this is not so! For My power and authority remain, and will not be thwarted nor supplanted by the boasting or claims of the Evil One. I have not surrendered My human creation nor the physical world. Only, My ire increases with every act and word of his arrogant decrees. In this hour I am calling forth My armies upon the earth and in the heavens. My righteous children are hearing My call and they are uniting even now.  A great sorting has come upon the earth, and it has begun within My own house. WHO will stand with MY WORD? Who will recognize the sound of My voice over the sound of the Enemy and of the flesh?  I have called forth My army to arise and to engage against this great wickedness that continually seeks to pervert My way, will, and word.  I will prove, WHO IS SOVEREIGN! I will demonstrate WHOSE WORD IS THE LAW! I will certify, who is My own ... My elect ... My righteous ones. 
A great mountain stands before you, yet it is not just a mountain of pestilence formulated in the minds of hell's servants. It is a well-organized system with many tendrils and arms. Its members are well coordinated and covenanted through the spilled and ingested blood of the innocent. The torment and the terror, suffered by My littles ones, brought about by those in blood covenant with the Great Deceiver, is about to be exposed. The price of this horror shall be demanded from those, who have committed this great wickedness. Those, who have profited by the spilling of innocent blood will pay the price that I demand of them. Those, who have enabled the shedding of innocent blood, by turning away their eyes and hiding behind social permissions will soon see the horrors of their error.

I have heard the supplications of the righteous, even as I have heard the cries of the terrorized, tortured, and slain. Their blood has been exposed to Me, and I will not ignore it. I have waited to bring forth the weight of My judgments; allowing time for the balance scale to come down heavier on the side of sufficient repentance. In these last weeks, I have seen the scale moving in a righteous direction, but not quite enough yet. Therefore, I have called forth the sounding of My voice across this nation, and across this world, to add the necessary weight to bring forth My hand of judgment against the organized powers of wickedness.  If My voice is heard and heeded, I shall arise and act for My name's sake, and for the sake of the righteous.
This mountain that stands before you can crumble as surely as the walls of Yericho once fell with a blast and a unified shout of My children in obedience.  For the wicked to be turned toward righteousness there must be a great downfall of this mountain ... even a great humiliation of the Evil One and of his wicked operatives. For the unconvinced and uncommitted to choose Me and My truth, there must be a bold demonstration of My power upon the earth.  If you call it forth now, I will bring it. If you send forth the sound of war into the spiritual realm, followed with a shout of victory arising from the authority of My realm, I will manifest My armies upon the earth. 
Are you ready for the temporary upheaval that this will bring?  Will you recognize the sorting and hold your footing of faith, as My armies make war? Will you stand forth to speak without fear and without compromise? Will you declare My reality, My law, and My love of redemption to those, who will be terrified and adrift in the turmoil? What would it benefit, if I tilled a fresh field, and you were too busy or preoccupied to plant it? What would benefit, if I gave you good, pure, seed, and you mingled it with adulterated seed upon the field?  What would benefit, if I brought forth a ripe and abundant harvest, but you chose to let it wait until you felt it was convenient or proper for you to gather it in?  Before I bring this mountain down before you, you must answer those questions. If I do My part, and you neglect to do yours, your state will be worse than before I acted. 
Humble your hearts before Me. Count the cost. Set your faces as flint in advance of the victory, and move according to My instructions. I want to extend mercy and relief. I want your enemies to be scattered and crushed. If we are in agreement, then arise and undertake for the sake of My Kingdom and for the sake of your world. Arise to the battle for the sake of the little ones, who cannot fight for themselves.  Glorify My name through your victory, but do not glorify your own name, lest you fall into the temptation of pride that will open yet another door to destruction. Allow Me to clear the air of the threats against you. My servants will make a way for you, so that your prayers and decrees can break through the barriers ... so that they will be able to strip away the satanic protection that has been laid over the ones, who plot and enact evil upon the earth. Shout with one voice!  Worship Me with one heart.  Serve Me with one purpose. A fire has been kindled, and is ready to be sent down to the earth from My Holy furnace. Call it forth and stand in complete faith in the middle of the burn. You shall come forth without harm. You shall emerge without the scent of smoke upon you. When you look for those, who have brought evil upon you, they will not be found. Arise and shout out the call for spiritual war. Blow the shofars and call forth the battle. I will bring the victory. Now is the hour to act."

Word of The Lord By Kolyah


WORD of the Lord By Brandon Leathers 

**Prophetic Vision Of Sinister Backroom Deals 04/17/20 @ 3pm**
As I’m sitting here in the living room, I keep seeing visions of something VERY SINISTER AND EVIL happening in the “Backrooms” that many don’t know about. I keep seeing these secret meetings happening between some of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL church leaders in our nation, and some very high and very powerful individuals in high places (Some of these people you can hardly imagine how much EARTHLY power and influence they have). In these meetings, these people are laying out before the church leaders, a grand and elaborate agenda to bring the people under subjection. The very plan that they are presenting is evil, sadistic and sinister at its core. The powers that be are offering these leaders great elaborate incentives in order to bring their ministries and churches in alignment with their initiatives (money, cars, bigger church buildings, unprecedented tv access, plans, access to resources that will satisfy their deepest darkest pleasures, even positions on very influential committees and panels. Now initially, SOME of these leaders tried to push back against it. However it’s quickly revealed that “the powers that be” know of secrets about these leaders that no one else but them know of. So I’m order to protect themselves and what they have built, many of these leaders were shaking hands and bowing  [🙇] 🏾 to the agenda. Also there were some leaders that ambitiously took the offers willingly, some were even negotiating what they would get from it as if they were selling off their members like cattle to the highest bidder. These church leaders jobs were to begin to subtlety little by little change up the doctrine they were preaching to fit the ideas and agenda that the “powers that be had”. They did this in order to convince the people that the things that were coming were ok and of God. I saw MANY MEMBERS of these church’s bow before what looked like a gold statue, and they did it because since they put these church leaders of pedestals as if they were gods, they would willingly listen to them since they said it was alright although GOD was not pleased with it..
Saints there is coming a moment where I saw this stand, and on it was a MASSIVE scroll with a pen. The scroll was this giant contract that many were going to sign that represented they they agreed to bow to this golden statue in exchange for something that wouldn’t last...Saints please for for these things.......

- Pray for the church leaders that are being approached and targeted. Pray that no matter what; even if it means exposure, that they DO NOT COMPROMISE. Pray they they don’t sell their birthright for a bowl of Porage.

- Pray for the members of these churches that they would have eyes to see and ears to hear to know what GOD is saying and what HE desires in this hour. Pray that trance, control and manipulation is broken off of them in Jesus name. Pray that although many will go in the direction of the leaders voice, pray that many will be sensitive to GOD’s VOICE and follow HIS.

- Pray that you yourselves that sober minded, and that you don’t fall for the pleasantries of man. Know if God told you to do something, DO NOT DO WHAT ANYONE ELSE IS TELLING YOU TO DO OR IS SAYING WHAT IS OK. Remember you to... DO NOT SELL YOUR BIRTHRIGHT FOR A BOWL OF PORAGE...

Vision Of A Heatwave In The Southwest 04/17/20 @7:47pm

I was sitting here pondering some things, and I truly believe the Lord brought back to my remembrance a word that he gave me a few days ago concerning the Southwest region of the country. God spoke to me about this a few days ago but I forgot about it. This evening He brought it back to my attention so now I must make sure I share this...


I had a vision that there was an incredible heat wave this summer in the south west region. I saw temperatures in that region that were some of the highest that they’ve seen in the last decade or so. It was so intense that people who would normally be able to bear the extreme heat in that region, even they were unable to bear it and they were staying indoors.

And I was seeing this this is what I felt God tell me.


I am getting ready to deal with the Southwest region of the United States. And you will know this by way of a heat wave that’s going to come to this area. For this area is heavily Involved in New Age and Crystal worship, as well as witchcraft. I am getting ready to shake the very foundations of the idols that they have erected in this desert region. For I the Lord God will cause a region that was once thought to be dead, two now spring forth life like never before. You will see a major move take place in the south west region were many will be ignited on fire for me. And all of this will happen for my glory!

"Don’t you know that God, the true judge, will grant justice to all of his chosen ones who cry out to him night and day? 
He will pour out his Spirit upon them.  
He will not delay to answer you and give you what you ask for. 
God will give swift justice to those who don’t give up. So be ever praying, ever expecting, just like the widow was with the judge.

Yet when the Son of Man comes back, will he find this kind of persistent faithfulness in his people?”"

Luke 18:7-8 - TPT

4/23/20 - The LORD just spoke this to me for Zech. 2:5 family:

"You are being forged in battle strength, like a blacksmith creates a new weapon, as you participate in this prayer call.
The breath of My Holy Spirit feeds My holy fire upon you.
You become molten steel, glowing with My power.

My army is armed anew with fresh instruments of battle that are honed to razor-sharpness as you rub against each other in prayer agreement, and fight as ONE in ME."

"Iron sharpens iron. So one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17 NASB

“It takes a grinding wheel to sharpen a blade, and so one person sharpens the character of another.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭TPT‬‬ 

From Brandon Leathers 5-25-20 

Texas.... Texas.... Texas....
So I have to put this out there too that’s real strong in my spirit about Texas....I had a vision that there was a bright light that shined over the Tennessee region, and then it moved across the map and now it was shining bright over Texas...
Here is the interpretation I got from it...

Traditionally speaking, Tennessee, Georiga Alabama and Mississippi have traditionally been known to be the “Bible Belt” region or the spiritual beating heart of our nation. However, when I saw the light shift from that area to Texas, it was as if since there has been known to be many Luke warm churches now in that region, God is shifting the nations “Spiritual Headquarters” if you wanna say that, to the state of Texas.

Now let me be clear, No state in this country is perfect (Texas DEFINITELY has its flaws), as well as no Christian in this nation is perfect either (myself included). BUT.... in Texas, I’m seeing that the “LAMP” that is in Texas is burning the brightest right now out of all the other states in our union. Now that’s not to say that there are not people of God and churches who are truly on fire for God in other places in the country. This just means that the state of Texas as a whole is burning very bright, or it’s burning the brightest out of all the states right now... Texas stands by the true belief that’s embedded in The very fiber of their beings that it should be FIRST GOD then country, and boy does Texas love it’s country. However they understand, to maintain the preservation of country, IT MUST BE FIRST GOD!

This is where that “Texas pride or swagger” comes from because that have that realization...
Texas In the spirit is what we like to call in the political sector of our country a “A KEY BATTLEGROUND STATE”. Because of this, the enemy is going to attempt an invasion of the state of Texas through different means. This is why what I saw that was coming to that state was so pivitol because the enemy is attempting to gain a lot of ground in this country, and in order to do that, he knows he has to do it is by gaining major ground in Texas..


We need to be praying for everyone in this nation, but definitely pray for those in the faith that are in Texas... The battle that’s going to take place in Texas is going to be a MAJOR INDICATOR on whether the church as a whole is going to push back and fight and gain and take back ground, or if the opposite is gonna happen...
Lets be like Nehemiah’s and rebuild the wall and stand guard on the wall like we need to... 


Released on June 1, 2020

Dear Saints and Leaders,
On the night of May 30th, while praying and pacing over the United States in my home around 2 am, a demonic entity appeared right before me in an open vision. This type of encounter has only ever happened one other time while I was ministering in a foreign country in 2015. I have always engaged in this type of spiritual warfare while asleep and dreaming prophetically, but rarely if ever to this degree while awake. 
This demonic entity had a visible and deep scar underneath its right eye, but it also had the ability to mutate or rather change forms. I watched this “being” morph several times right in front of me, yet the gash below its right eye remained. 
It pointed its finger right in my face and said, “I exist to deceive the whole world. Just as there are forerunners in the kingdom of God that go before the Son of Man, so I am a forerunning spirit in the kingdom of darkness that has been sent before the coming of the man of lawlessness.”
It continued, “The scar underneath my right eye has come at the hands of the praying Church, for many of them in this hour have begun to detect our true plans and purposes to disrupt systems, divert attention, and release chaos in the land.”
1. Disrupt Systems
2. Divert Attention
3. Release Chaos 
At this point in the encounter, the hair on my body was standing straight up as I had never been told anything like this at length by a demonic entity. Suddenly, all I can describe is the authority and mind of Christ came upon me and I pointed my finger back at this demon and demanded, “Who is the source behind your power and influence?”
It began to laugh hysterically, a sound that still taunts me and with great rage this demon answered and roared, “The Media!” 
I fixed my gaze upon it and said, “You devil that has come to deceive the whole world through the media and is being exposed right now, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to reveal your agenda!”
With a sneer it began to manifest a foul spirit and the first wave I smelled was FEAR. I saw the Coronavirus spreading across the whole world and the spirit of fear attached to it. The second wave of stench the demon manifested was HATE and I saw the cities on fire and racism escalating. The third wave that came was GREED and it was the strongest of all the smells.
In thar moment of time, by way of Holy Spirit revelation, I understood that what we are witnessing in 2020, beyond a virus and beyond racism and police brutality is a diabolical and sinister agenda called “greed”. A wave of fear has hit through the virus and now a wave of anger through the riots, but the real culprit is greed!
In other words, the world is being held hostage right now by demonic forces preparing the way for the man of lawlessness. There is so much deception being spread through the media that now we must understand what we are “seeing” and “hearing” on the news and social media is a simple diversion from the real truth! 
I’m telling you right now by the Spirit of God that what is happening in our world today has surpassed a virus, racism, and police brutality and the sooner we recognize what’s really going on, the  sooner we can gain the victory! 
For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, we must now begin to target our prayers on the spirit of greed and understand the fight is regarding the finances! 
The finances behind the virus!
The finances behind the rioting and looting!
The finances behind taking down the President! 
Millions are being sold a false report. The african american race and their justified pain is being preyed on by an agenda filled with greed! The agenda behind the virus and hopes to vaccination and dominate is greed! 
After this encounter I finally see it like never before! 
China. The WHO. George Soros. Bill Gates. 
Follow the spirit of greed in this hour and it will not only expose the agenda behind the fear and hate but it will lead you to the freedom only found in TRUTH!
-Jeremiah Johnson
For more go to: www.jeremiahjohnson.tv

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