​​​​​​​​​She airs regular podcasts on

Periscope where she shares

teachings, prophecies, and

words of knowledge as

instructed by Holy Spirit.

In November of 2016 Mary Colbert, 

Nation Builders Prayer Team and a member of the Faith Advisory Board to our POTUS Donald J Trump, asked Denise to be the team lead for the State of Michigan. Five days a week she leads an army of intercessors from all across the nation as they dismantle darkness, displace principalities and build the glorious kingdom of God in the earth.

With strong intercessory and Daniel anointings Denise ministers to kings, leaders, and those in position of influence and authority. The Holy Spirit instructs often through dreams and visions.

On May 26, 2014 Denise was taken in a vision to heaven directly by Jesus Christ where she was shown her mission and was commissioned by Christ with C.O.M.E. Ministry.

With her mission statement as a foundation, "Restoring original identities as established in Christ from the foundations of the world" soul healing, deliverance and restoration are implemented. The increased grace gifts of compassion, love and seeing a soul through the lens of Christ enables Denise to fulfill her commission of healing and original identity restoration to a lost, confused and hurting generation.
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Mama Israel;

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Denise Edwards is an Intercessor, Prophet, Senior Chaplain & Instructor, Keynote Speaker, Knee Party member, and Shofar Minister.

She became born again while attending Howard University in Washington, D.C. Denise's first volunteer ministry was studying legislation that lobbyists pushed on Capitol Hill and its effect on the nation especially Christians and Christianity. During the 10 years living in D.C. she developed a significant prayer focus for the nation and the effects of government on society,

Upon moving back to Michigan, she met and married her husband Ron Edwards. Together they helped plant a home church, Christ the Living Word, where they served and ministered for 14 years. After years of being an intercessor and operating

in gifts of the spirit, especially words of knowledge and the prophetic, in this environment Denise began to develop her teaching skills.    Alongside her husband for one year she worked in a church plant with Pastors John and Donna Denson of Congregation Shalom. This ministry focus was geared at reaching the Jewish community with the Gospel of Christ.

She continued to teach Bible study from home.

With her gift of administration Denise also served as chief administrator for Ron Edwards and The Edwards Notebook multimedia ministry.
In 2013 Ron and Denise joined the Eagles Nest home ministry and were also certified as Chaplains by Great Commission United Academy (www.gcuacademy.com) and Apostle

William Hodge.

In September of 2015 Ron and Denise were led by Holy Spirit to open their residence into an Acts 2 home ministry. The Eagles Nest II has became a hub of the Holy Spirit where in the first year alone healings, miracles, deliverances and international ministry  took place.

Denise expanded her Bible teaching though marketplace ministry by periodically teaching at The Brownie Gourmet Café for a year.
In 2016 she was commissioned as a Senior instructor with GCU Academy, and she and her husband Ron were elected to the Executive Board in 2018.

Denise serves as secretary and board member of "The Knee Party" a PAC based in California. This organization seeks candidates to support who are pursuing a conservative agenda with a biblical perspective.

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Denise Edwards 


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C.O.M.E Ministry (Christ Overcoming Ministry Everyday) 

is multi-dimensional: intercessory, prophetic, teaching, and deliverance and healing restoration for the soul.

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